Structure and Growth – (Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: New)


It took me a while to find my picture for this challenge. The above symbolizes my most important value for this year: structure. It is new to me. My dog educated me in Structure 101, but that was an introductory course where I learned the importance and all the relevant knowledge. There is no teachter for structure 201, because this is a ‚learning-by-doing-course‘ where you have to do, not know.

The picture also shows growth, which is always new. But on a deeper level it shows how growth works. The blanket of snow for me is a symbol for nurturing, as funny as that may sound. It ends the process of accumulating by giving the last bit: water. At the same time it starts the new process of thriving by giving warmth. Yes, it’s true! Snow gives warmth. At least to plants it does.

Snow in itself for me is the very essence of new. It’s the bright light of nature’s yearly new canvas.

More Pictures about ‚New‘ are HERE to be found!

2 Kommentare Gib deinen ab

  1. Nathalie sagt:

    Schoener Denkansatz! Und tolles Bild!


    1. Melanie sagt:

      Danke! Denken kann mein Quadratschädel 😀

      Gefällt 1 Person

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