My Apologies….

Okay, I’ve done it. I let the beautiful SPUN Theme go. For weeks now I’ve been looking for the right theme that will allow me to merge my blog and my homepage. Today I fell in love and changed the theme. I realize that it will be a lot of work to get the page to look the way I want it to, so I apologize in advance and ask for your patience. The posts will be as they were before, however. So no worries there! No I’m totally excited to start this new chapter! I hope you’ll like it. Feel free to send me some feedback. Thank you!

Without knowing it I completed today’s assignment on Blogging University. So I’ll expand a little on the experience. As I said before I have been looking for a theme for some weeks. And I did just what the assignment asked me to do. That is how I ended up with the SELA theme. Because I was really looking for a very individual, romantic theme. Discovering in the process that I can only make do with the ones offered on wordpress. Didn’t know that before. I couldn’t find one. There are some role models in that area for me. So feel free to check these blogs with their wonderful looks:

That was the line along which I was searching. But it didn’t come to anything. Also because I really have to make do with what a theme offers. At the moment. So I found myself drawn to something I thought wouldn’t work. The themes with the full width front pages. But the more I looked, the more they grew on me. But most didn’t have the possibility of featured pictures. So I settled onto TwentyFourteen. I loved the featured pictures there. At last I went for Goran. And it was a pure ‚coincidence‘ that I found SELA, fresh from the oven, when I was looking for a theme for another blog! And there it was. The two features I loved the most combined. So now I have a lot of work coming my way… 😉

4 Gedanken zu “My Apologies….

    1. Danke! Ich bin allerdings gerade wirklich erst am Anfang. Werde jetzt langsam die Inhalten der HP rüberholen. Im März will ich fertig sein und dann mappe ich meine Adresse 😉 Drück mir die Daumen!

      Gefällt mir

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