These are times of huge significance. Right now the future of our country and Europe will be decided. The good news: it’s in our hands entirely! The refugee crisis (which is an inadequate word) is a very rare chance for the people of our country to actually create with the oh so mighty politicians. Because they have no choice but to look at our deeds. Do you get that? Do you feel the singularity of the event? The chances, nay the power that we have right now?

How to use it? I really hope, and will do so myself, that we use the power. Period. First of all. We have to recognize it and then be ready to use. When this first step is done, we will have to ask ourselves to what good we will use this power. We will have to ask ourselves what we value. What kind of a world do we want to live in? I for one want to live in a world where I am a free citizen. I want to be able to use my lifetime on earth as I chose. I want to believe in values rather than some deity and I want to work. I really really value and love the life that Germany offers. This is a time to be grateful for that.

And this gratefulness is also a means to an end: If we start realizing that the life we live is kind of a miracle (and in contrast, how can anyone think differently?) and also the product of many struggles through long periods of time, and if we start to be really grateful for that, our values will prevail! Because it will mean that we live our lives with a lot more awareness and, I’ll say it, love. And that is really attractive. Like really attractive. Because deep down, that’s what everyone wants, in the end. It’s certainly more attractive than a war can ever be. Being aware of our values and loving, living them, will bring people into our midst as equals who will share our values. As opposed to them standing at the edge, watching jealously until frustration takes over and leads people into the arms of the ones responsible for the conflicts they ran away from in the first place. This is important! It’s up to us. To each and everyone of us!

We have to understand one thing: we are all citizens of planet earth. Yes, we drew borders and divided up the place, but these borders are fake, a construction. When we look at it from a simple, human kind of level, from the big picture if you will, we are all citizens of this world and no human being is better or deserves more than the other. It’s our human duty, implemented inside us through the mere fact that we are human, to help others in need. That, mind, even includes the Nazis. In Germany we have been an example for integration so far during this crisis. We should not forget that the ones opposed to that are just as much in need and need to be integrated, not fought against. That, please remember, is also part of our european system of value.

It will not easy, but as our chancelor stated, we can do it. I never thought I’d see the day when I would quote Merkel, but there it is.

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