I’m a little overdue with this post. As some of you might have seen, this blog has a new name. While I still admire the Beautiful Things in life and try to focus on them, there are, of course, other things going on in my head as well. I feel I stalled this blog for so long because there was so much else to deal with. I had to sort my priorities and taking pictures was not as high on my list as surviving the last months here, searching for a new job and live life offline. So this blog had to either change or be discontinued. I voted for the latter and won 😉

So now it’s about what’s going on in my head, whatever occupies my thoughts, my brain. It’s not all pretty, since life is not all pretty. There will be posts, like about ‚The Antipreneur‘ some of you might not like too much. They are there to help me deal with all the situations that arise day by day. I might not be overly skilled or subtle at the art of sublimation, but that’s the way it is. And that’s life. So if you don’t care about those posts, that’s totally fine by me.

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