Discouraging Social Bonds

This is a very powerful tool in the Art of Antipreneurism. New studies show that social bonds are vital to a business’s success. So that is what the Antipreneur will want to discourage as far as possible. The Antipreneur likes a super-quiet atmosphere where work is all that counts. He will discourage any sort of communication, especially private communication. He will make sure that people don’t bond or like each other, as this very impressive example shows:

Communication and social bonds, he will argue, are items on the cost-side of the calculation. Meaning that time is money and time spent socially is money wasted. Work as such is all that counts.

How to discourage this sort of social behaviour? Easy! Just make sure that you will make snide remarks every time you hear employees talking. About anything, it doesn’t really matter. Even when they’re talking about work. Even, no, especially if they’re communicating in order to work more effectively and with better resulst. You won’t want that! So just butt in with snide and even evil remarks. That will show them to keep quiet during working hours. Also: listen carefully to their communication, especially when they’re not aware of you being within earshot. Gather information and use it to set people off against each other. That is a very effective way to create an atmosphere of distrust and that will keep people from bonding.

A beautiful side effect to saving a lot of money trough the reduction of social intercourse is that your clients will feel that this is a place where work counts. They will feel that it’s all about saving money and not a bit about them. Whereas in other places they feel welcome, seen, even at home, you will want your clients to purchase your products and then leave as soon as possible. Idle talk is waste of money and time, so you cannot afford to invest in anything that would make your clients want to linger. Your place is a place for business and business only. No crap!

If you follow this rule consequently, you will appear as someone really sensible. You are able to calculate the cost. You know the hard facts. You know how to save money! And you work so hard! Everyone looking at you will see an employer who has his hands full with keeping the staff from going astray. They will see how hard you work to keep your employees on the  task. And if business doesn’t pay off, which is your secret goal as we established earlier, you can blame them for being too chatty, unconcentrated, flighty – you can use just about every stereotype there is about bad staff. And your reputation will be unblemished. Exactly as it should be!

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