Felix Felicis

I had an idea of what my life will develop to be soon. The idea grew into a plan when I returned to a signifcant place and to people that are truely dear to me. I got high on that. Every light was green, the direction clear. All that I needed was one final go. I haven’t experienced that much joy in forever. And I was warned to not get overexcited, to wait and see if things really turn out the way I was thinking.

The plan fell through.

Everything else, believe it or not, stays.

When Harry Potter was given a difficult task – to extract an important memory from Professor…. Slughorn, was it? – it was time for him to take the potion he had won earlier: Felix Felicis. He took the potion and he felt overly happy. From the outside he looked a little crazy. Ron and Hermione tried to remind him of the plan they had made early but he just went along with the seemingly silly ideas in his head. And succeeded.

Why is that? He had a goal, his head had a plan. We easily forget, however, that our head, the mental king of our lives, is very, very limited. That is because its only ressource is past events. The head will judge every idea, every vision against its past experiences and the feelings linked to them. Then he will advise against everything that once felt not good. So the head has one goal: to make sure we don’t feel bad. Not to succeed! Felix Felicis is a way to give ourselves another option: to make decisions that leed to success, to what we actually want. And: we all have access to Felix Felicis. It’s nothing other than our intuition. And joy is our brain’s fuel to get inuition’s motor running, metaphorically speaking.

It told my friend, who kindly warned me against disappointment, to hold it. I intended to stay happy, full of visions, no matter how that one little thing turned out. The vision is huge and the joy – and believe me: that word is really not adequate for what I felt – made sure it’s implemented in my brain. Now, in the background every little brain cell know the direction and is fully empowerd. Every little cell now has a plan and is working according to that plan on the fulfillment of that vision and my goals. It was made more powerful than any idea, any wish, any vision I ever had for my life.
Yes it hurts when you don’t get something you wanted, but if you realize at some point, that everything really does happen for a reason and that it’s actually working in your favour (provided you are clear on what you want), you stop looking back on everything you didn’t get or realize and you start trusting in yourself and in life. You know life will guide you and your intuition is part of this life. You set your brain on what really counts for you and it will come. Even if you look a little crazy at first. And even if it looks like your being lead away from it at first. It’ll make all sense in the end.

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