2015 in Pictures and Now

  1. in 2015 I got married to myself. One day before the end of the year I finally found the right ring! It stands for my individual motivation and my not fitting in a box.
  2. I found a new motif that I totally fell in love with and that gave me new motivation and ideas for my photography after my lull.
  3. I opened my life for something very vital and I am glad that it did follow my invitation. Thank you M. living somewhere in G. for the best Christmas Gift you could have given me.
  4. I thank my friend to give me a kick start this autumn to pick up the camera and get started again. Sometimes that’s what it takes.
  5. Yellow was a color that was, for the most part, banned from my life. Incindentally it symbolizes the power making something happen. Both returned to me this year.
  6. The tree stands for me tackling Lightroom at long last. I am amazed by it and have gotten over the ideas in my head that a perfect picture must be perfect when it’s taken and should not be processed.
  7. In the fall I felt that I can take and create the pictures I set out to. What a wonderful gift!
  8. Time-out in The Netherlands, having wonderful days at the Sea, enjoying the sun, my dog’s having the time of his life and everything that has to do with getting away 😉 Also a fore-runner of things to come in 2016
  9. Also, a picture I set out to take and I got it. Dandelions, leaves and…
  10. Still-life. I have entered a phase where I actually start creating and composing and I love it.
  11. Out of Macro-Mode. ‚Little Yorkshire‘ is one of my favourite pictures because it reminds me of my dreams and also that I have everything to make them come true.
  12. Another still-life that makes me realize that I have grown and will go on doing so as a photographer. Deep down I am – maybe we all are – an artist and I have decided to give room to my personal form(s) of art. Thanks to P. for her Christmas Present to me that pushes me in exactly that direction.
  13. At the start of the year I was a little fed up with my ‚dark‘ pictures. I thought I should take lighter ones with more colour in them. But I came to terms with the fact that this is one style of mine that I am developing. So why the heck not?
  14. Golden Christmas Time and a reminder of this December as maybe the best month of this year! I can’t remember receiving so many gifts – material and not so – as I did during this month. Thanks to so many people for that!
  15. The Now. Just a little over five hours before the year changes and I am happy to let a wonderful year go. I won’t cling to it. I am also glad to welcome 2016 without feeling the need to rush it. (By the way, my last entry to The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge and therefore my last post this year).


To all of you: Thank you! Have a very Happy New Year! See you on the other side!

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  1. prignitzerhinterland sagt:

    Sind schöne Bilder bei! 🙂


    1. Laoghaire sagt:



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