Happy New Year!

2016 at last! I wish you all a very happy, healthy and lovely new year! May all your wishes come true and may you reach all of your goals!

Last night someone posted a picture from this blog, that inspired me to give you some ideas for new year’s resolutions:

  • breathe deeply
  • laugh dearly
  • love, just love
  • dance in the rain
  • reach for the stars
  • follow your dreams
  • be crazy
  • honour the process
  • feel everything
  • love your body
  • be creative
  • think outside the box
  • do not give up
  • keep practicing
  • keep your eyes on your prize(s)
  • be you
  • no really, be you, whatever that may mean
  • let people in
  • also, let some people go
  • be structured
  • practice discipline
  • connect yourself
  • forget about the lone-wolf-thing, be one of us
  • share your ideas
  • communicate openly and clearly
  • be honest
  • add to this list 😉


Now, let’s go start our year!

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