Deeply Divided

There are times when we feel divisions all the time and they seem to be everywhere. It may be that we feel divided from something that we want or that we want to belong to. It may be that the way we live and act has just nothing whatsoever to do with how we feel. Also, we may be deeply divided internally. Divided from what may give us strenght, from our own ideas, from everything that we would need to feel in order to go on.

When we feel some or all of that, it goes to show how we choose our focus in life. I’m not say it’s our fault, because it’s not. No, we cannot always really chose our focus. We can try to change it when we realize that our current one is not helping. But first we find a point of view that we’re used to. Perceiving all these divisions means that we focus on what’s lacking in our lives and our fears. We’re not focusing on what is already there, so we don’t appreciate it. We are not grateful. Which is a pitty because being grateful is one of the most, if not THE most powerful tools ever.

Today I feel deeply divided. I feel diveded from what I was going for. I feel divided from, well, life and I feel divided from every good feeling I ever had. And I feel divided from hope, from strength, from any form of optimism. I am looking at what is lacking. I am not looking at what is there. So I prescribe to myself this: ‚Be grateful! The less you feel it the greater the need. Get some rest and then be grateful. Life always knows best!‘

In answer to The Daily Post Daily Prompt ‚Divide‘


4 Gedanken zu “Deeply Divided

  1. diese phasen sind auch wichtig um uns weiterzuentwickeln. manchmal muss man sich von allem lösen und sich neu orientieren um sich dann wieder „zusammen“ und vollständig zu fühlen. aber das weißt du ja 🙂

    Gefällt mir

    1. Danke Dir, Du liebe! Ja, das weiß ich allerdings! Und genau wie Du, weiß ich auch, wie undurchdringlich sie sich anfühlen, wenn man drin ist. Aber es gibt Mittel und Wege, Gott sei Dank, und die Welt sieht heute schon viel besser aus. Sogar die Sonne hat entschieden, dabei mitzuhelfen 😉

      Gefällt 1 Person

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