Firth of Forth Bridges

I took my sweet time with these because they are my personal highlights. There is a story to these pictures that, at least for me, end in shame.

We booked our 1-day-Highlands-Tour with Timberbush Tours. Our initial plan was to go and rent a car and then take to the Highlands ourselves. After some consideration we decided that such a guided tour was the better option. No asking for the right way, no searching. So we did it.

Our guide was Paul and that was lucky. Because Paul knows the routes like the back of his hand and is also very knowledgeable. The group was not too chatty, but with me being mostly interested in simply seeing the Highlands and taking pictures, I didn’t mind. We were a small group so Paul would abide by our wishes. My wish was to take as many good pictures, especially after dark, as possible. So during our tour he would stop here and there, just for five minutes or so, that pictures could be taken.

The spot in Dalgety Bay (was it?) was our last. And it gave me these.




I said the story ended it shame. Why is that? When we came back to Edinburgh we realized that we had just driven by our apartment. So Paul would stop the car in the middle of traffic and we hurried out. We had walked about 10 steps when we realized that we forgot to tipp him. Classic tourists! To this day I am filled with shame about that and deeply sorry. Next time I’m in Edinburgh I’ll do something about it. Until then, if any of you reads this and books a tour at Timberbush and gets Paul, would you be so kind as to give him an additional Pound?

It’s okay if you don’t, it’s just an idea.

Well, there still are some Edinburgh pictures in my archive and sooner or later they will be published. But for now these beautiful bridges over the Firth of Forth will conclude my Edinburgh Series. I hope you liked them! I am sure it wasn’t the last time I was there!

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  1. Paleica sagt:

    oh ja, sehr schön!!


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