To the Studio!

I apologize, I have been offline for a while. The reason was warm and light and…. well, you won’t believe it: it was the sun! There has been an actual sighting of the sun! Yeah, right, I’m exaggerating. Still, it was the first time that we had about a week of dry weather and a lot of sun, so we took to the outside. I did bring home a few pictures but today I’ll start with what happened after the sun had gone away again. We spontaneuously went into the studio to shoot. We actually had a model, as you can see.



It was my first time in an actual studio. It was great fun but also not that easy, I have to admit. Especially since it was really hard to get his eyes into focus… So I am curious. What do you think? Any criticism, ideas, hints…? Which one do you like best?

7 Gedanken zu “To the Studio!

    1. Ich hab mich kürzlich mal mit dem hiesigen Fotoclub in Verbindung gesetzt. Die haben ein Studio und bei einer Tour, die uns vernebelt wurde, kam die Idee auf, dass wir doch mal ins Studio gehen könnten. So ist das zustande gekommen. In meiner neuen Wohnung werde ich mir aber ein Studio/Atelier einrichten, das hab ich mir schon vorgenommen…

      Gefällt mir

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