I want, I want, I want…!

Okay, I am not the person that keeps playing video games for hours on end, but sometimes it’s just fun. My friend’s daughter got a Wii U for her birthday. On a rainy day after we had been out walking in the rain for a few hours and after we had been colouring easter eggs, we had earned a fun evening of playing Super Mario Kart 8. I just LOVED it! Can’t wait to play again!

The last nintendo I got was the Super Nintendo. After that, until the Wii came, I wasn’t too keen on them. First, I had better things to do. Secondly, they were too expensive and thirdly I didn’t like the 3D-hype. I am a girl, after all! And of course I really didn’t like the Super Mario 3d Wörld at all. But when it came to Super Mario Kart 8 I could have pulled and all-nighter! I have never ever played a better game. No exaggeration, I mean it!


There are some other things I love about the Wii U. The fact that the Wii games and most of the ‚old‘ controllers are actually compatible with the new system, for example. That really is an advantage! So you can keep your old games and the equipment and also enjoy the new fun. I think that the new controller is a real win for families, because it has a screen, so the games can be played without a TV, too. It is easily handled, I may report. And I love the fact that I once again have a normal controller in hand. However, the old controller didn’t work with Super Mario Kart 8 for me. And that’s not an age-thing. My 11-year old partner didn’t manage it either and she is used to it… But with the new controller it worked out well.

The minute I can afford the extra money I’ll get it myself. I had wanted the Wii ever since it came out. This time I’ll make it 😉

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