It would seem that in my life the summer is the time of year where the most change happens. Taking a look at my stats on this blog, I had a break in publishing last summer and this summer. Pattern?

Well, whatever it is, a lot has changed. Like, a whole lot. Like just about everything. New place to live, new job (well, kinda), new friends, a whole new life, somehow. It’s just hitting me now. Because I just went along witht he changes without really realizing them.

Maybe that’s at least one reason for the bout of depression I had somewhere around the start of July. And for the fact that sugar addiction keeps rearing its ugly head now worse than ever. And so I didn’t only not see all the changes, I also didn’t stop to celebrate them properly. As I now realize. The main word here being ‚I didn’t stop‘. I didn’t take a break, I didn’t hold off on certain things. It seems I never learned that properly, even though I am able to thoroughly enjoy the beautiful things in life. Man, that’s a contradiction…

So this is me at the start of a new phase: grateful and insecure at the same time. That’s okay, though. That’s how new beginnings sometimes are.

There is one thing however that makes me really happy. I might have found a way to re-activate this blog and get my pictures online again. I have some in stock that I’d really like to share with you guys. If everything goes well, we’ll restart next week. See ya then!

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