Doorway to Past and Present

It’s funny that a momument from times we Germans are not too proud of (she writes with a huge load of sarcams) has become a tourist hot spot. I don’t go and visit the Eagle’s Nest everytime I am in Bavaria, but I have been there multiple times. The very first of which I was totally unaware of the history of this place. I was a child, see, and my parents were not too much into history and such. So the historical aspect came many years later. Maybe that’s why I can still visit the Eagle’s Nest without bad feelings and enjoy its beauty. In times like these, when we have concurred so much land technically speaking it’s not much of a deal to find an elevator inside a mountin in the middle of the German Alps, I know. Just a few years ago one such elevator was built not too far from here to have a better access to Burg Altena. Still, back then it was a huge thing. What I find even more impressive than the elevator itself, which I didn’t ask permission to fotograph, is the tunnel to the elevator. It reeks of history to me, so when I took this picture the shadows of all those tourists walking into the mountain came to me as something very symbolic.


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  1. Paleica sagt:

    ein tolles bild, sehr stimmungsvoll und es trägt einiges an metaphotik. ich war noch nie dort, überhaupt kenne ich eigentlich kaum derartige denkmäler…

    Gefällt mir

    1. Laoghaire sagt:

      Danke Dir Paleica! Warscheinlich hätte ich es nie kennengelernt, wäre ich nicht als Kind schon dort gewesen. Aber die Besucher strömen nur so dahin. Oben ist auch ein Kletterweg, den ich aber wegen Hundebgleitung noch nicht gehen konnte. Kommt noch. Wenn Du mal in der Gegend bist… 😉

      Gefällt mir

      1. Paleica sagt:

        🙂 guter plan 🙂

        Gefällt 1 Person

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