Drama – USA plays Trump-Card

Okay, so now it happened. The nightmare has become true. The USA have played their ‚Trump-card‘, the president of – well, let’s just say it – the world, has been eleceted and his name is Trump. So far, so bad. The world is in shock. I’ll let it be a side note that I believe, a president with that kind of power would have to be elected by the whole world. The main thing is, what is happening right now?

I don’t refer to the fact that some Donald Trump has managed to get over 50% of the United States to elect him by spreading hate and fear. That, to be honest, was as predictable as anything. No, I mean it. It’s no different than here or in other European countries. Fear brings out the worst in people, if they are driven by it. Since that is mostly the case because we ususally have not learned to understand our feelings and get to a deeper sense than that, there is no surprise there. What urks me is the fact that we respond in the exact same matter. With fear! Even one of my most valued teachers, Veit Lindau – who is a great master of the intelligent question – openly pronounced himself to be shocked and now deeply in thoughts.

I vote that we use said intelligent questions. What are intelligent questions? They are not necessarily wise or anything. Intelligent doesn’t mean they spring from an overly intelligent mind. They MAKE our minds intelligent, because they open our minds. That’s what makes them intelligent. The thing is, when we think in something that feels like a fact (no matter if it’s really true or not), we close our minds. We focus our mind on that ‚fact‘. Like in this case: we are afraid. Trump has won this election with a big mouth. With a lot of promises right out of utopia, and a lot of threats. So we focus on those threats. Are they true? Maybe yes, maybe no. But we take them as reality. So we focus our mind on them – and with that on our fears. That’s how we close our minds. An intelligent question here would be: Is it really true? We do not know that. So our mind goes out and looks for information. That is how we get a broader view.

Wether you talk to psychotherapists, coaches, spiritual teachers or anyone else from the ‚how-to-live-a-happy-life‘-persuasion, you’ll find that it always comes to one thing: acceptance. Acceptance keeps us happy, acceptance keeps us healthy, even. Acceptance is an attitude. It means that, however bad things look, you know that somewhere sometime there is a reason for, a sense in it all. This in itself is an intelligent question. It is implied, so maybe not immediatly obvious, but with this attitude our mind tries to find the answer to the question „If there really was a sense in all that, what could it be?“ Ask yourself the question. If there really is a sense in Trump becoming president of the US, the most powerful position in the world, what could it be?

What happened already is this: we are looking to the people that nobody listened to for a long time. We have the same problems right here in Germany. There is a huge community we are overlooking. Because we don’t take them seriously, because we don’t want to know what they’re thinking, because we don’t accept the way they’re thinking. Because it just cannot be true, after all we’ve been through, that people still think like that. And that, coincidentally, is how and why they thrive in the underground. Whether it’d be the so called ‚Reichsbürger‘ or any other movement on the right scope of politics. We should listen to those people. To their fears and their needs. And provide actual solutions. That, in my view, is our politician’s responsibility. This responsibility was not taken too seriously. In many countries including ours, politics took a great interest in economy and international competition. Yes, we are a rich country. But no, not everyone it is rich and part of it all. The people that were overlooked, no matter what background they’re from‘, overseen and not heard have suffered long enough and now they’re at breaking point. And they have found spokesmen. That’s what’s happening. It happened before. And if there actually were people out there who thought it could never happen again, they are proven wrong right now.

When I wrote my master thesis in 2009 I chose a topic that allowed me to express how I felt our society needed to be informed about how relation ships work, how misunderstandings happen, how conflict comes into being. I quoted many a psychotherapist who said that it was too much to ask from practitioners such as them to also do a information on a broader scope in their practices. I believed then and I still do that this is a national task, a political task and even a cultural task. And it’s up to the great institutions as much as it is up to us, each and every one. When we see each other, listen to each other and are ready to go into relation ships with each other, honestly and bravely, not avoiding the dark spots, the shadowy aspects, then we can do a lot. Sometimes I fear it might be too late, but then again I see that there is still room for potential. And I go on hoping.

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