10 years in the making

There were times, well, most of the times, actually, when I didn’t think it would ever happen…

Once upon a time there was a tv show called ‚Gilmore Girld‘. It spoke to me in just about every sense. I understood the story, having ’not the smoothest of relationships‘ with my mother eiter. I understood the dream in having a chance to rectify that. I understood the sense of home in that house, that small family of the Gilmore Girls, of that community of crazy but warm characters, of that inn that was a dream achieved. To this day I still use my DVD collection. Like on the weekends when I am working around the house, the show is running and it never fails to give me that warm, homey feeling. Except when we hit season 6. Season 6 was a letdown and season 7 only kind of made up for it. Because it remained unfinished

So much so that fans and the people involved never really came to rest. Nobody who cared about that show (and yes, I am aware that there are more important things but still) came to terms with the fact that we were left with a luke-warm (ha!) ending that wasn’t really an ending.

From time to time, like once a year or every two years, I would call up on google and search for ‚gilmore girls season 8‘ or ‚gilmore girls movie‘. And there would always be something new. Until last year (was it?), when rumors started that there would actually be a deserving end for that show. After ten years! Or nine? Who cars? After something close to a decade that show was revived. The process began to re-unite the actors and writers and whoever else might be involved in the show and they actually started filming.

Netflix had taken on the task of giving us whining fans what we wanted. It didn’t become a movie and it didn’t become an eighth season, it was four movies called ‚Gilmore Girls – A Year in the Life‘ and it premiered on Netflix last Friday, November 25th.

I was out all day that day, so I had to do my GG-Marathon on Saturday. What do I have to say about it now?

First of all I am very happy that it happened. It was a loop that hadn’t been closed properly. Although honestly, I cannot say that it has been closed now, come to think of it. Or let’s say, a new loop might have been opened, so already the internet is buzzing with questions about a sequel.

‚A year in the life‘ is very Gilmore. We reunite with Stars Hollow, the Gilmore Girls and their friends and family about ten years after we left them. A lot has changed and a lot hasn’t. Richard Gilmore has died (as he did in real life and I am glad they didn’t chose a lousy substitute), Emily is grief-stricken and out of herself, Lorelai and Luke have made it through the last nine years while Rory has had her success and is now a young, independent woman with the world as her playground.

As we watch on we see that not all that glitters is gold. Rory suffers from a growing insecurity about her career choices and because she still loves Logan but he is to be married to a French heiress. Hold on: What? WHY? Why would a guy who never gave a sh…. about what his family thought (‚they’re psychotic! what’s to understand?‘ he once asked Rory) and who was so clearly in love with this girl NOT try again and get her this time?

One of the many question we were left with. MANY questions, indeed. Like: why did it take us the whole of 17 years to eventually see a Mr. Kim? Where the hell did Sookie go and what happened to her voice? I really thought they synchronized her… Why would Sophie, the overly critical music-wise woman, EVER approve of a musical like that? Why did Rory have to walk around town genesis-like (‚I can’t dance‘)? Why was Emily in Nantucket just when her daughter got married when she planned to attend said wedding? And: WHO is the father? And where is the plot where Rory publishes her book and gets a TV show based on it?

Before we come to the fact that there are far too many questions for there not to happen some kind of sequel, let me say this. Although I found part of the show far too bizzare and sureal, I love that we finally got those new episodes. They touched me, I spent the night laughing and crying. And I love that, when I start the next run-through of the series, I have an actual end. Or not. Amy Sherman-Palladino, what are you planning? 😉

(Photo by Netflix)

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