Statistically speaking, we may expect Christmas to be white no more than every seven to eight years. Which is a pitty for most who remember White Christmasses from their childhood and kind of feel the need for the world to be white to get into that special Christmas Feeling. I am one of those and until this year, I have been hoping and praying every for snow to arrive just in time for Christmas. It hardly ever did. So this year I thought I’d spare myself the pain and just accept that the chance is still 1:8. Still, we were very lucky so far. We had a whole week when the world around us was completely frozen. Christmas will be Green again this year. They say it’ll get colder but no snow. I’d be okay with just some frozen leaves 😉


3 Gedanken zu “Expectance

    1. Ja wirklich! Ich weiß ironischerweise, wann ich zuletzt weiße Weihnachtszeiten erlebt habe. Ironischerweise weil es das Jahr war, in dem mein Vater über Weihnachten in Berlin im Sterben lag. Ich habe das damals als sehr friedvolles Zeichen empfunden. Bis heute…

      Gefällt mir

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