Merry Christmas to ALL

In this year’s Christmas preparations I came a cross a bunch of Christmas Cards that various people have sent me over the years. Many of them were people that once were part of my life but are not now. The reasons are, as they are in life, very different. I had one card from a nice girl I met at a seminar. She moved on to Australia, got married there. I was invited to the wedding and I really wanted to go, but couldn’t afford it. Others I just lost contact with. Most cards came from my best friend in Berlin who I shared a huge part of my life with there. We never quarrelled but we kind of grew into different directions. But others I might have quarrelled with. Or I might have hurt them. Or they me. Some were there only very briefly. Some were boyfriends at a time, others never came too close. Some are still there but not close. Some I miss, some I don’t. And some, of course, are very close.

What I want to say is this: when we come to think of it, the number of people who stroll in and out of our lives, for whatever reason, is enormous! And when we think about it a little further, they all have given us something. Not one of those people came into our lives without a purpose. They all carried gifts, lessons, impulses. They all touch us. We never know if the people we are close with will be the people we will be close with next year. Or in five, twenty, fifty years. And that’s okay. But from time to time we might want to take a minute to think of them all. Whatever the experiences were we had with them, they were precious. Even if we couldn’t see it then or even now.

So I want to thank every single person who has ever been a part of my life – real or virtual, good or bad, close or far, boy or girl, old or young. I value greatly whatever you brought into my life, if it was beautiful gifts or harsh lessons. Every single one of you is part of who I am today. We’re all a huge co-creation and today I want to acknowledge that and thank you all.


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