In my last post I told you about a part of my journey and how I discovered psychology as one of the central elements of my life. Well, this weeks Daily Post Photo Challenge Solitude couldn’t be more fitting to that post. Because it makes me think of my time in that Bavarian clinic. I was very unlike most depressed people that go into clinics to find some way to heal themselves. Most of them are drawn in, they retreat from the world. Not me. I was sitting in the communal spaces right after check-in. People were a little flustered. But back them being alone was a challenge I wasn’t up to. I hadn’t discovered the healing qualities of solitude yet. That was about to change during my stay there and over time it got better and better.

I still love company and I’d rather be with than without it. BUT I have actually discovered my rather introvert side and that it’s a bigger part of my personality than I would have thought possible. And I love being alone a lot of the time. I think that is the difference between loneliness and solitude.


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  1. Paleica sagt:

    oh das kenne ich gut..

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    1. juju sagt:

      Thanks for your sharing, well said regarding loneliness and solitude. The difference being the choice we can make.

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      1. Laoghaire sagt:

        That’s exactly what I thought. Thank you!


      2. juju sagt:

        You have a very good eye for composition, I was looking at some of your work, very nice!!! Are you a professional photographer?


      3. Laoghaire sagt:

        Thank you so much! No, I am not. I wish I were 😉


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