Charlotte Lucas: My dear Lizzy. I’ve come to tell you the news. Mr. Collins and I are… engaged.
Elizabeth Bennet: To be married?
Charlotte Lucas: Yes of course. What other kind of engaged is there?

One of my favourite scenes out of the latest and ever-so-lovely ‚Pride and Prejudice‘-movie by Joe Writght. I love the exasperation in Charlotte’s voice when she says that. So, what other kind of engaged is there? Back in the olden days, there might not have been much else than marriage on a mind of a young woman. ‚Engaged‘ means ‚committed‘. It means that there is a solem promise that has to be honoured. So if we take a look at it this way, today there can be quite a few kinds of engaged.

For example, a few days back I asked one of my best girlfriends, if she’d like to marry me. Since we are both very clearly heterosexual, she immediately knew what I was asking her. ‚Will you really really really commit to our lives‘ vision? Will we really really stop talking and start going for it?‘ Well, she said yes. So yeah, I am engaged now.

In this case it means we are getting serious. Serious about what we want out of life. It might be a result out of the ‚course in wealth (‚Guter Reichtum‘) we ware both doing right now. It might, at least on my part, very well be the result of what I experienced over the last year. In the end, whereever it came from, we found out that we share the same life vision. We each have our own ‚taste‘. There are things that she excells in – like inventing spices for cereal (how positively crazy is taht?)! And making healthy food taste incredibly good! And knowing just about everything there is to know about any kind of dog! And being a real good friend! And a lot more. There are things that I am really good at. Like everything about hospitality – even though I struggeled with it a lot. Or having the personality of an entrepreneur. But there are things that are exactly the same. When we see our future, we see A LOT of nature, gardens or even a farm where we grown our own food (at least in part), where we keep chickens (she gave me book on that for my birthday! Enough said, right?), maybe at some point even horses. Where we live with and for and from nature. We want to give people just about the same thing: high quality, beauty, selfmade or self-produced products and homegrown products. Where we cater to guests and where we have a lot of space for workshops, studios and so on. When we talk about our future place, we see something very similar. An old farm (house) or even a small castle (You wouldn’t believe how many there are in the vicinity).

I have realized that I am at a point in my life where the vision of my life has never been clearer. It has never been so close, almost close enought to actually touch it. I have never been so clear about who I am, what I want to do with my talents and ideas. It has been a long process. Looking back it might have started at my birth or even sooner. But I started actually working on finding it out a few years back. My first step was, as it so often was, a book on how you find the job that will make you happy. It gave me clues that stayed with me ever since. Like there is an exercise in there where you can ‚invent‘ your life in five or more different versions. I remember that I had invented a life of myself as an author, as a singer, as a coach, as an artist and as some kind of globe trotter. This exercise had a huge impact on me. Then, in my first Human Trust-year, I took the course ‚TheCall‚. I went deeper and learned how to envision my life. Ever since then it all became clearer and now I am as close as I have never been before. AND I am not alone. That was one of my chief insights. I am not a lone wolf and I don’t want to pretend I was.

So, a few days back, my friend and I got engaged – to actually, practically, physically, really go for it. And as of yesterday we have entered the planning period. It might be a bit of journey until our actual ‚wedding‘ but we are starting picking the colours 😉

What are your life dreams and have you already taken any steps to make them come true?

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