No Birthdays on Facebook

This is something I have been wanting to say for a long time: I don’t do birthdays on Facebook. Not because I don’t want to acknowledge the births of wonderful people or because I don’t want to help them celebrate them. I think birthdays on Facebook are something of an illusion and also a hassle.

If someone is close enough to me, I don’t have to congratulate them over Facebook. I’ll see them or talk to them personally over the day. If someone is not so close and I need Facebook to remind me of their birthday, what’s that all about? Also, if I congratulate one person on my friends list, I have to make sure to congratulate them all, so no one feels let down or not seen. That means I’d have to check for birthdays every day and have to think of a 1-line-birthday-greeting that, after a while, will have lost all originality, simply because I have to find one about 200 times a year. Some even more. Also, if I do that, i kind of expect every one I congratulated to congratulate me, too. And I also feel let down if people don’t do it. Even thought they might be on a mission to the moon and have not been online since their own birthday to see, who congratulated them. It’s kind of phony, I think.

So, I did, what I had to do, I untold Facebook my own birthday. So no one, who isn’t close to me and doesn’t know about it anyway, gets information on my birthday. So no one can congratulate me over Facebook. Which also means: I don’t congratualte anyone over Facebook, I’ll treat them all alike.

If I don’t say hello to you on your facebook wall to wish you a happy birthday, it’s not because I don’t wish you a happy birthday or it doesn’t make me think of you or anything. I just refuse in taking part in that game any more. And those of you who are close to me know that, anyways.

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