Inspiration_First Try

It was in the summer of 2012 when I went back to Bavaria after a long, way too long time. Bavaria, rather the area called ‚Oberbayern‘ is home to me. That’s because I spent just about every holiday of my childhood down there and had some very, very important experiences there. Part of me always wanted to go there for good. Part of me still does. But there was a long pause of almost 10 years when I haven’t been there at all. So in 2012 we went. First I went with an old friend of mine, a substitue mother to me. I took her to see the Königssee for the first time of her life. We took the boat to the Obersee, which is behind the larger Königssee. On our boat trip there – we were rather late in the day – there were not many other passengers, but one fotographer. I saw his camera and all his equipment.

We saw him again right at this spot. Only it was even more beautiful. That day was rather rainy and foggy and the water came up to the threshold of that cabin. I asked him if he was on a job and he said yes, he had to take this picture for a traveling magazine. I acutally found it later on. That was when something inside my brain decided that I had to come back to take that photo myself.

This one is from last year, when I came back again with Siobhan. It’s got room for improvement, at least in my mind it does, because I still got that day in my head, the emerald water, the rich reddish colour of the wood underneath the surface of the lake, the clouds hanging low. But I cannot determine all that. So, it seems, I’ll have to go back again. What a challenge! 🙂


5 Gedanken zu “Inspiration_First Try

  1. wow ist das schön. das foto würde ich auch gern mal selber machen! und es verwundert mich fast, dass ihr in der nähe des königssees so einen spot gefunden habt. ich war letzten herbst da und habe den plan einer bootstour aufgegeben, weil dank der hunderten asiatischen touristen die wartezeit ungefähr 2h betragen hätte.

    Gefällt mir

    1. Oh ja, das kann ich mir gut vorstellen. Ist ja immer gut überlaufen da. Tipp: entweder sehr früh oder eines der letzten Boote nehmen (kaum Wartezeit, vorher auf den Jenner hoch, zum Beispiel) ODER bei schlechtem Wetter hin. Kann auch wahnsinnig reizvoll sein. Und leer 😉

      Gefällt mir

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