ToLt Day 7 – windy and wet

This morning we mapped out our day. First a short trip to Portree to see the coloured houses (a must on Siobhan’s list since she’s been sleeping under their picture for months), then a hike up to Storr, a second hike on Quiraing and last, if there was any time left, a short stop at the Kilt Rock near Staffin. Weeeellll…. no. Didn’t happen. First I got distracted by a little something called The Fairy Glen right here in Uig, that I wanted to visit, too. Still, we went to Portree first. There was heavy wind and rainfall – a.k.a. Proper Scottish Weather – so we lingered. We visited about every single shop in town and lost a few Pounds Stirling there. We also filled up on vegetables, fruit and other snacks. We asked the guys in the outdoor shop about Storr and Quiraing and they warned us to go up because of the weather. So that was off the list. Exploring the shops made time go by quite fast. It got a little late, so we came back to The Cowshed to cook us some lunch in this wonderful huge common kitchen. But not without actually stopping at the deservedly named Fairy Glen first. Well, it was about 4.30 p.m. when we ate our lunch, but so what.

After that we retired to our cozy pods where a short stop turned out to be a proper break. Sammy, still out from the day before, kept sleeping through the afternoon, being petted and stroked by myself, while Siobhan leafed through her newly acquired treasures. There was one curtain of rain after another coming onto us from the sea. Some time about 8 p.m. we finally pulled ourselves together and started off. We took the linking road from Uig to Staffin, which is well worth seeing, and stopped at the Quiraing range, where the view is – once again – indescribable. So while the wind tried to blow us over the edge we were standing on, I couldn’t not take a picture, the camera being in the car. I fought myself through the wind back to the car to get the camera. Like always, the pictures here are only snapshots by cell. The actual photos will come at some later point (Which depends on my super-slow computer and his processing-abilities…).

From the Quiraing we made it to Kilt Rock, where the wind blew so hard it actually managed to move my car in the second that I forgot to pull the hand break. Still I took my tripod and the camera to see if I could manage some shots. I still cannot believe that the pictures actually turned out sharp, considering how the lense was shaken by the wind. Siobhan and me stood before the camera, holding out our jackets like wings to shield it from the wind. Still, as far as I can see, it turned out well. What was amazing was the sound the wind made at the coast. It sounded like a huge didgeridoo, I never heard something quite like that. Siobhan is convinced it was the vibrations of the railing, but I cannot believe that. It was way too powerful for that… If anyone know’s more about that, please let me know!

We came back via Portree, taking a night shot at the port, and then back ‚home‘, for the last time. This was our Skye-part of the trip. We are leaving with our own personal soundtrack, a huge suitcase full of memories and impressions, and – of couse – a heavy heart. Tonight one line out of a Runrig song (‚The Story‘) kept playing in my head:

And I’m still dreaming of the Hebrides
And I’m still leaning on the early years
And I can’t help feeling it will always be
The story of the life inside of me

Go North This Year!

Update: I found the answer to the wind sounds. Siobhan was not entirely wrong there. Take a look (though keep in mind: we were while there was a wind blowing close to a storm):

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