ToLt Day 12 – Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the last of three legs on our trip. We have a few days here, so we’re in no rush. Which is good since the city is at it’s best. It’s festival month. I still cannot believe that we got this apartment for almost normal price. The owner made a mistake and listed it on AirBnB, where I saw it and took it. Usually the prices are three times as much in August. So it came as no surprise when the owner wrote to me soon after I booked the place. Of course she tried to get the August-pricing, but I resisted (not my fault, is it?). I still upped the offer by a little more, so she wouldn’t turn us out. It’s still a bargain at this time of year. Still, until we actually came through the door, a little voice inside me kept saying stuff along the lines of ‚we’ll be turned out at the last minute and then we won’t have any iday where to stay on these day‘. But, as you can see, we made it through the door and into the apartment. Which is beautiful and reminds me of my second Berlin apartment. Hard wood floors, high ceilings, stenceling, white furniture, a really good bathroom. So yeah, once again we were lucky with our accomodation.

We started our first day with a walk up Arthur’s Seat. Regulars on this blog might remember the first time I have been there: at night, in the dark, in the rain. Which is still a great memory. You might also remember that we were kind of lost finding our way back down in the dark and that we were rescued by two joggers, who showed us the way? So when we started our walk up from Holyrood Park I was like ‚how could this have been so hard?‘. You can see the whole way up to the summit and it looks easy enough. But then, there was light. It was a beautiful day that Edinburgh had in store for us, so we were presented with a beautiful view over the city and beyond. We met Jacob up there. He was walking up the old volcano by himself. He’s from Brooklyn, New York, still going to school as an arts major (I forgot to ask the subjects, but I would think he’s an aspiring actor. I could be totally wrong though). He was very social and liked to talk about the UK, Edinburgh, The Fringe and all that. It was a nice change to speak a little longer to someone. He came with a whole class to do a semester in London. Upon arrival they immediatly travelled up to Edinburgh for The Fringe Festival. He was looking for recommendations for his stay in London (which we couldn’t give) and, like just about every person we meet here, he was totally in love with Sammy, who kept playing with his ball even at the summit, crazy boy.

Speaking of which, it’s just hillarious seeing the doggy around people. Like when we were half way up to the summit. There’s a nice spot where many people sit and enjoy the view. It’s a grassy patch, which was perfect for tossing balls. There were quite a few dogs up there. Mine however wasn’t just interested in the ball. No! The third time he caught it, he brought it to the women (mother and daughter, I’d say) who admired him so much, and tossed the ball onto their laps. They obliged him (my dog has hypnotizing powers), threw the ball, and he kept bringing it back. He liked them so much, that he invited himself on the blanket/jacket they were sitting on, ready to be cuddled. After they went, he tried the same thing with the couple next to us. However the lady was very much afraid for her purse, so that didn’t work out quite as well for Sammy.

After the walk up Arthur’s Seat, we went back to the Royal Mile, remembering that there were quite a few pubs who are dog friendly. We ended up at ‚kilderkin‚, where they serve pizzas for one pound on monday nights. We were a bit earlier, but the kitchen still had just closed down lunch. However, the waitress couldn’t bear to see Sammy walk out again, that she somehow made it happen and we could sit down for lunch. So you see, travelling with a much beloved dog has its perks! We had a veggie burger and sandwiches for our late lunch, which were just what we needed and during which we were approached by three guys. Stand-up comedians from London, drumming up an audience for their show at 5 p.m. Lew is a huge dog fan and totally fell in love with Sammy. So he came by the table now and then, trying to get us to see their show. Which we did. It was good, we laughed a lot. I think I liked Lew the best because he’s very expressive, outgoing and I like his humour. But they are all unique. By the time you can read this post, The Fringe will be long over, so I cannot reccomend to go see them at The Kilderken at 5 p.m. every day. But if you see them somewhere, flyering, take some time and go in. It’s worth it. Apart from being really funny, they’re also really nice guys, judging from the short conversation we had. They all seem to have day-jobs, but stand-up is just what they love to do. So we felt very good after the show and were gad that we stayed for it.

After that however we became a little tired. Still we had some shopping to do for food. The thing is that I have rediscovered the Harris Gin I didn’t try on the acual premises because I was so distracted by the Ian Lawson book, I just didn’t think about it. But it was in my head ever since. So, of course, here in Edinburgh it should be for sale. Unless they decided to sell it exclusively. They didn’t, thank God, but the Gin is rather hard to come by. So far we haven’t found an establishment, where to try it. I went into a Whisky-shop and asked for miniatures, so I could sample it. But the distillery doesn’t do miniatures. The nice lady however would have liked to let me sample the Gin, only the bottle was now empty. I could get a sniff of it, however, and it smelled just as I had imagined. So now I have to get that bottle – with my rather limited budget. That means eating at home from now on. Lucky we have a functioning kitchen!

We went home after that. And I stayed home. After all this travelling and moving, it was good to be at one place for a few hours. Siobhan however had a date underground. On my recommendation (again, regulars might already know this) she went to ‚The Real Mary King’s Close‘ for a tour. The last one of the day. She had a really good time there. When she got out she got to see/hear the bands coming down the castle hill from the Edinburgh Tattoo (which I will take the time to see as well, of course) and the fireworks. I saw them from the apartment windows, too. Sammy and I stayed in and we were happy to do so. Sometimes you need a rest.

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  1. Paleica sagt:

    sammy hat schon eine verbindende kraft, nachdem er so gern auf leute zugeht und kein furchteinflößender hund ist 🙂 schön, dass ihr so wunderbare bekanntschaften und erfahrungen gemacht habt!

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. Laoghaire sagt:

      Danke Dir! Ja, der hat wirklich eine verbindende Kraft. Und das, obwohl er seine Ecken und Kanten hat und behalten darf… 😀


      1. Paleica sagt:

        🙂 welches lebewesen hat die denn nicht 🙂

        Gefällt 1 Person

      2. Laoghaire sagt:

        Nur nicht alle nutzen sie 😉


      3. Paleica sagt:

        😉 ohja, das stimmt leider!


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