ToLt Day 17 – Coming Home

Although one could believe this to be the review to one of my favourite books (Coming Home), it’s just an addition to our travel report that wasn’t really planned, but somehow wants to be written. I think, this is mainly for the dog owners who think about traveling to the UK, because it’s mainly a report on the Euroshuttle pet-friendliness.

I told you a bit on the first piece of this series. But the return was even more interesting. The Euroshuttle was voted ‚Best pet-friendly large organisation‘ (I think it was) five years in a row. Deservedly so, I think. For me, it’s the only dog-friendly way to get into the UK. So I just love the fact, that they don’t just take it, but make a great marketing out of that. I think, what I loved most, was the doggie playground at the English Parking Lot. We came there early since we had actually managed to get up at 5 a.m. to be at the beach at sunrise! Which was a wonderful goodbye and I hope I can show you some pictures soon. So we were about the first to take our last UK breakfast (which was amazing. The Burlington Hotel has refurbished their restaurant, so breakfast was served there. It’s become gorgeous!). After that we popped into the Tesco just a few streets off to spend our last pounds. So that meant we were way early. We hoped to get on an earlier train, but since it was a bank holiday weekend, the terminal was packed and there was no chance for an earlier crossing. However, we spotted the doggie playground on our way to the parking lot and of course it was immediatly decided that we spent our waiting time there. There are no pictures of that, unfortunately, but I found a video by LeEuroshuttle, that sums it all up just perfectly. We had just about the same sunshine and a lot of fun:

The place is quite big, there are many doggie playthings, a water station, bins for the doggy bags (not the tasty ones) and sitting areas for the twolegged. Sammy first was totally overexcited and was hardly to be calmed. It took him about 30 minutes, but then he started to explore, take a look at the other dogs, run and play with them, find the water station and make me get him some water, sniffing at stranger’s bags and so on. It was so much fun watching him there. We met a very nice gay couple from London with their two dogs. One’s a beagle and we recognized the similarities between him and Sammy as soon as one of them started to bark. Sammy, is a half-beagle (not that you could see that, unless you turn him over to see the colouring of his skin) and he has his ‚communicative skills‘ from his beagle mum. We talked a lot, waiting for the time to pass, so we could board. We watched the dogs an realized, this was their holiday. It’s a bit like being on a dutch beach, where there are hundreds of dogs and they’re playing just like children while the grown-ups chat, lie in the sun or go swimming. Not a large, though. I do not know if there is a doggy playground on the French side, too. If not, I hope they will build one, because it’s just genius. Also they made a seperate playground only for ‚girls in season‘. Ain’t that cute..? ❤

What’s mean is that when you arrive at the other side of The Channel, in France, they steal one hour from you. Coming into the UK, that’s great, because you have gained an hour due to the time difference (at least when you travel from Europe). But coming back, it’s gone. Which means you feel like you are soooo late to get back home. And it was. The drive was long and way too hot. We came to the tropic temperatures of 21° to 25°C! Inhumane! We liked our summerly 16°C up north! Even a subtropical 18°C was just fine. But this was unacceptable! No, really, we were struggling quite a bit on that drive home. But home we came. We arrived at my place at 9 p.m. Unpacking the car was like someone had put one of Hermione’s charms on it. Like, you know the one where she would charm her bag into looking the same but being incredibly spacious so she could put just about everyhting in it? Or the tent, that looked like two people could sleep in it, but was a house on the inside? Well, after all our stuff spilled out, that was the impression we got. I mean, I drive a Corsa! How could all that including the dog and ourselves have fit into that? To be fair, due to a rather small budget, Siobhan had done most of the shopping, but we also brought natural souvenirs like black sand from Talisker, sheep’s wool that was just lying there in the Fairy Glen, shells and what not. I am so grateful that my car is just so durable.

Our final telling was that we drove 5.152 km in 17 days across five countries (Germany, Belgium, France, England and Scotland). This was our Trip of a Lifetime. We are ever so grateful for what we experienced, saw, for the wonderful people we met, for the wonderful hosts, the good food (did I mention how much I love a good Scottish Breakfast?), the huge fanclub that Sammy has acquired and for all the people who helped make this possible. Like my catsitter, my landlady, my mother for the fact that I actually had budget left to travel on, and so on. It’s been wonderful. But as you will see, this is just the start. But that’s something else altogether.

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