The Last Drop

Okay, I know, ‚The Last Drop‘ is also a pub at Edinburgh’s Grassmarket (which I haven’t visited yet), but that’s not it. These photos of Sammy I took in Bruges. After walking the town for a bit we sat down for coffee, a little ways out of the central Grand Place. It had just rained so there was water dropping from the awning we were sitting under. Soon he started ‚drinking‘ the falling drops. Just too cute. Also I liked the surroundings. The dark street with the blue reflections from the canal that our little patio was located by. It’s not strictly Scotland related but it was among the first pictures I took on that trip, so there you go 😉

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  1. Paleica sagt:

    oooooh das mittlere bild ❤ ❤ ❤


    1. Laoghaire sagt:

      ❤ der *wastropftdennda?*-Blick

      Gefällt 1 Person

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