Portmahomack O&T

I was deliberately looking for a photo that would look good in the latest ‚orange and teal‘ look. After weeks of my computer acting up, today I finally managed to get Lightroom to remember its source, so I can get back to processing my pictures. I found this one of Portmahomack. I had a hard time remembering this name. Portmahomack, Portmahomack, Portmahomack. Got it now 😉 I told you about our trip there before. We had so much fun with Sammy at the beach, collecting shells, enjoying the sudden sun and the many other dogs there, I didn’t take too many pictures. But I did love this little ‚port‘.


Would you like this as a postcard, a framed picture or in any othery way printed? Check here!

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  1. Paleica sagt:

    das ist echt schön geworden und der look steht ihm richtig gut!

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. Laoghaire sagt:

      Danke Dir! Ich finde diese Farben so schön, bin froh, dass ich ihn endlich mal ausprobieren konnte ❤

      Gefällt 1 Person

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