Oil Rig Cromarty Firth

I thought this was a very fascinating thing, seeing these rigs so close. I only ever saw them on TV. Well, once I climced a structure that imitates an oil rig. That was in Stavanger, at the Oil Museum. But that’s not the same. When we first spotted them from the A9 I had no idea that this is rather usual. Oil rigs from the North Sea are being brought in for repairs here. So there are quite a few lying in the firth.

Most people don’t know that about me, but I am really fascinated with industrial structures. I still couldn’t describe the feeling they give me. They are like organisms of their own. There is a life to them, somewhere inside this metallic mantle is a heartbeat. Maybe it’s a little bit like being shrunk and then shot into a human body, wandering inside the veins and exploring. Yes, I think that comes closest….

Anyways, I wasn’t really happy with the look the pictures got. We had a rather tight schedule, when we were driving around Scotland, so I couldn’t take hours and hours on end to change perspectives and so on. I had to make do with what I got. This is from the banks behind. It’s a beautiful walk and stunning views. Also a wonderful place to let the dog run a little. Which Siobhan did while I kept taking picture after picture. It’s the perfect contender for the O&T-Look, but back than I didn’t know 😉

By the way, Dalmore Distillery closes at 5 p.m. Which was just when we arrived there. We were a little anxious that we might get locked in with our car, but that didn’t happen. However, as you might have read, taking this picture threw us back a few hours so that we couldn’t do Culloden that day. Well, worth it 😉


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