Where the Taste of Scotland comes from…


Talikser Bay was one of my personal highlights on our trip. It has just everything. It’s like a microcosmos of Western Isles Landscapes. It’s lovely, but also rough and dramatic. It has a beach, but also cliffs and waterfalls. Within minutes you’ll have experienced every kind of weather the west coast is able to offer in summer. And it’s unique.

I am not a whisky drinker, but I do imagine that this could also apply to tasting whisky. Talisker is one of Siobhan’s favourite distilleries. So far I have learned that the distilleries in the Islands offer whiskys with a much more characteristic taste – not so well rounded and smooth as the whiskys in the east. Please, don’t shoot me, if I am too much on the surface. I am not an expert. What I am trying to say is this: the taste and quality of whisky is very much dependened on the land it derives from. This is the land of Talisker and I do believe you can see here, what it must taste like 😉


This image is available on canvas, as a postcard and so on here.

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