Kilt Rock

Kilt Rock was an adventure for us. It was the slowest day we had on Skye. The weather was very wet and even stormy. Originally this was the day we wanted to go up Old Man of Storr. Conditions however prevented that. And I learned one thing: in Scotland, if people say: do not go up in these conditions! Please, don’t do it. It can be really dangerous.

So, we didn’t. Instead we spent the day traipsing around Portree, looking into just about every single one of the nice shops there and do some shopping for food. Back at ‚The Cowshed‚ we settled down in the huge community kitchens and prepared our meal – after which we took a break in our pod, in order not to get soaked. We watched the rainy curtains come in form the sea, leafed through our newly acquired books. I took a nap with Sammy, cleaned my lenses. But after some time we got that itch to get out and about. The skies had the slightest promise of improvement, so we dared to go out. We took the less beaten track from Uig to Staffin via Quaraing. It’s a beautiful view up there, even if one blow has soaked your jeans through. Who cares?

We came down at stopped at the Kilt Rock Waterfalls. Now this was the actual adventure. I parked the car at the alotted car park – right in front of a pond. I usually take a few seconds to pull the handbreak. Well, these seconds were enough to give us an idea of what wind can do to a car. It rolled back a few centimeters in direction of the pond. We took the risk anyhow and headed out to the platform. To this day I am amazed that I managed to get a picture that is sharp. In fact, almost all of them are! I think that’s the magical power of the stabilizor that should ususally be turned off when your camera is on a tripod. But in this case it made the pictures possible – together with our crazy moves to protect the camera from the wind with our coats. Well, apart from way to much spray on the lense, it worked out fine.

While we were standing there, working on getting images, we were of course mostly looking out to sea. Which is why turning around made our hearts skip a beat. A huge, seemingly solid wall of black clouds was constantly blown from the mountain range over our heads out to sea. It was very dramatic, but also very much worth it.

However, in my mind I am pondering how to get an exeptional picture from the Kilt Rock. It’s not that easy because, unless you have a boat or a drone at the ready, there is only one way to approach it and that’s the platform. Well, next time, we’ll see what is possible. For now, this is it.


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  1. Paleica sagt:

    das motiv ist genial, wirklich wunderschön! die bearbeitung hätte ich glaube ich ein bisschen „wärmer“ und weniger lila gemacht. ist aber natürlich geschmackssache!

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. Laoghaire sagt:

      Hey, danke Dir. Na ja, was ich da an Wärme rausgeholt habe, ist das Maximum. Der Bild ist im Ursprung komplett blau. Für mich musste es auch kühl und hart sein, weil es eben genau so entstanden ist. Die See war gepeitscht, Wolkenwalzen und ganze Wasservorhänge. Selbst meine schwere Kamera hätte davon fliegen können.
      Aber ist klar, jeder erlebt es anders. Ich glaube, dieses Gefühl, was Du da vermutlich bei hast, ist genau das, was wir da hatten. Wunderschön, aber irgendwie nicht so ganz stimmig. So war es eben auch 😉


      1. Paleica sagt:

        lustig. na dann würde ich mal sagen, das bild transportiert genau die richtige stimmung, die es transportieren soll. ich wäre aber total neugierig, wie das bild out of cam aussieht. falls du lust hast und es mir schicken magst, wäre ich neugierig!


      2. Laoghaire sagt:

        Oooooooooh, ich muss mal schauen. Ich habe für dieses Bild über 3 Stunden Bearbeitungszeit gebraucht, weil eben meine Hardware sowas von nicht mitspielt (könnte echt verzweifeln daran). Alleine das Exportieren von diesen Bildern dauert ewig, darum muss ich mal gucken, ob ich Bock hab, mir das ‚unnötigerweise‘ anzutun. Ich kann Dir aber sagen, dass ich vermutlich um die 100 bis 150 Tropfen wegstempeln durfte :-/


      3. Paleica sagt:

        haha ok OMG nein um himmels willen, dann lass es!


      4. Laoghaire sagt:

        Wenn es mich reitet, dann mache ich es. Aber die Wahrscheinlichkeit ist gering 😰


      5. Paleica sagt:

        das kann ich verstehen 😉


      6. Laoghaire sagt:

        Lieb von Dir 😉


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