#metoo: Blog Stalking

Yesterday I found out that my blog is being used as a means to stalk one of my friends. Next to any other account she has on the net – and even her kids, who are instructed to spy on her and turn on her, robbing them of their own mother (the guy is no other than her ex husband). And he lets her know it so she feels under his control. While at the same time repeating over and over that he has no interest in her life whatsoever. Well, who are you fooling?

I want you, ‚dear stalker‘ to know that I know and that I think that this is a testimonial to how weak your character really is – despite you showing off like a fat cat. Maybe one day you will realize that no person is under your control and that you can only manipulate people as long as they go along with it. As soon as they decide not to do that anymore, you’re out. Meaning, you never had that sort of control that you thought you had. And you won’t gain it. Read on, go ahead, I won’t change my ways because of you. Maybe you’ll exhaust yourself one day and maybe you’ll even get the fact that it’s over. Maybe not, but that’ll be your problem.

That being sad I find it unbelieveably sad that there are still men out there trying to control their women – even years after their divorce. And we are talking about someone who – at first sight – is a respected part of the community. A person who is actively involved in communal politics, a member of certain clubs, doing his duty all around. Showing off just how great he is, manifesting his status. Only behind closed doors, that’s a different story…. This is a person who wanted a wife so she can stay home with his kids, that he never gave a dime about, while he goes out living the single life he had. Not even being held back at really bad times, by the way. Not saying which, that would go too far, but believe me, he really did leave her in the lurch. Finally she divorced him. And it’s just about everyone’s fault. Mine, especially – notwithstanding the fact that I didn’t even know her at that time. I met her a year after her divorce. Everyone was at fault and responsible for her decision to leave that marriage. Just not him. No! It could never be his own fault. Him being the most wonderful man in the world! Sadly, this is a very common thing. Especially after women start finding themselves, asking themselves if they are leading the life they really want. Often they find out they don’t and they start changing. Then men start crying out. Words like ’sect‘ or ‚bad friends‘ or ‚lost your mind‘ are being tossed about. Everything rather than taking a look at themselves – and maybe even work at it. No, it’s always the others…

Also, someone has to manipulate her (her, my friend especially, but also her, the woman in general). It’s so funny that even after all these years we still live in a world where a man is so used to manipulating and controlling his wife and family that he just cannot perceive the fact that she actually has developed a will of her own. Someone else just must be behind that.

Manipulation and Stalking are aspects of power struggles. Nothing else. It’s all about power. And since that is a huge public debate right now, on behalf of my friend (who okayed this post), I am putting this under #metoo.

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