A slow Comeback

Hello everyone! Remember me? No? I don’t blame you 😉

Nah, seriously, I feel I have been neglecting this blog for so long. And not just the blog. For the last weeks I feel I have neglected just about everything there is to life. That’s what you get when you decide to consolidate two households by yourself. Okay, there was a little help and of course there were handymen and all that. But the heavy carrying, the driving, the organizing and everything that happens when you move into a new home, we did ourselves. It wasn’t our pleasure to do it that way. It was rather a finacial necessity. There was just no other way. And still, moving costs a lot.

In the end I think it was worth it. Well, if you look at the outcome. Not so much the deficiencies list that’s over two pages long. Or the fact that we weren’t too lucky with our landlord and -lady and unfortunately came across two people who have their very own idea of living (among the necessities and practicability lines) and press their definition onto everyone else (I’d like to define how I’d like to live in my own four walls myself, thank you very much). We better not focus on that. There are other, nicer things to focus on. For instance: the neighbours. We have been greeted kindly everywhere we went and, since we moved into a house that is historically and culturally very important to the villagescape, people here are glad to see the house come back to life again. It was empty for, I think, three years. So I get that. Some of you might remember that after we sold our hotel I had to stay there by myself for a few weeks. A dead house is a very sad thing…

However, the moving and the quarelling with tedious tasks – like having to talk to the people from monument protection about installing an antenna – which is the only way to receive internet around here – while the technician was there to do it because the landlord failed to inform us that the house is under monument protection – really left us exhausted. So the coming back from all of this took – and still takes – a little longer than anticipated.

What’s all this to do with the foto? Well, that’s the thing. A part of me is still very sad to have left my old place. For one because of the beautiful garden. We have a patio now that feels like your own little Biergarten, but still. And because of the situation. Surrounded by woods and fields, halfway up our mountainrange and with a view over the valley. Which is very upsetting because in January the house that blocked the view has finally been torn down, revealing the most fantastic vista – to the west, mind. The sunsets there are just gorgeous! This is one of the last photos I have taken in our garden there. It’s some kind of good bye. Also, it’s winter. The start of new life and new opportunities. So here we go. Slow but steady 😉


7 Gedanken zu “A slow Comeback

    1. Hey! Schön von Dir zu hören. Ich hab immer mal Deine Bilder gesehen, aber hatte einfach keinen Kopf für Texte.
      Jaaaaa, das ist mein achter Umzug gewesen. So krass war’s noch nie. Aber ich hoffe doch auch, dass wir das Schlimmste jetzt hinter uns haben.
      Winterbilder generell haben so eine interessante Leben-Tod-Thematik. Leben mit den Jahreszeiten ist schon eine spannende Sache 😉

      Gefällt mir

      1. So war es hier gefühlt seit Dezember. Ich glaube, es war der dunkelste Winter seit 70 Jahren. So oder so ähnlich haben die Meteorologen es kürzlich verlauten lassen. Hat man auch wirklich gespürt. Ich habe selten so nach Licht gehungert, wie momentan.

        Gefällt mir

      2. das ist echt ungut. bei uns is es glaub ich einfach so gewesen wie immer, kommt mir zumindest vor. im alten jahr hatten wir noch verhältnismäßig viel sonne, die letzten wochen waren einfach hart. aber ja, wenn der februar vorbei ist gehts bergauf!

        Gefällt 1 Person

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