Winter Sunset

Yesterday has been one of the very few sunny winter days this winter season had to offer. And it’s not just a feeling. Meteorolgists have dubbed it the darkest winter we had had in decades. Main colour: grey. A lot of rain, very short days. It’s not been pretty.

Which is why I – and just about every person I spoke to recently – are trying to absorb every single ray of sun we can get. So when I had an unexpected day off yesterday and the sun was shining, there was nothing holding me inside. I took Sammy and we spend the whole day outside – right until sunset. During which I was on my way back home. On an icy single track road that hardly anyone uses right now. It’s been amazing. The cell phone pic doesn’t really convey the range of colours – from pastell mint and sky blue to fiery oranges and pinks. I think it’s even more amazing to see when the ground is white with ice and snow…

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