Lost Values: Integrity

There is a lot of talk about lost values at the moment. At least here, in Germany. We are looking onto our political situation, our social situation, developments in crime – all can be seen as manifestations of values lost. But ‚values‘ are a somewhat abstract thing. I think it takes a while and some consideration on our own parts to find out what values are – and what our own values are.

Also, once we wrap our minds about the concept of ‚values‘ and what they mean to our lives, we get to the question of which values do we follow and which do we want to follow? Because let’s face it: values are our life’s guidelines. And we follow them all the time – wether we know it or not. For a long time we never think about them. Don’t know about them. They are formed after how we were raised and what we have experienced. Values are what our beliefs translate into – meaning that our earliest beliefs turn into values which govern our deeds.

When we start to ask ourselves about our values and start thinking about values in general, we come across words that seem very old-fashioned, sometimes. One, I believe, is ‚integrity‘. This, for a long time, was a word I didn’t understand. I had a hazy idea of what it may mean, but that was it.

So I would like to ask you: have you ever thought about integrity – and to what end? Is it a something you value? Do you think it’s important? I’d love to know…

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