A little bit of Harris

The day on Harris might, in hindsight, be the most impressive one of the whole trip. And that is saying something. Harris greeted us with very typical rain. Heavy rain. And lots of it. Plus wind. Which is why I can show only a little bit of Harris.

The Isle of Harris is part of the Outer Hebrides and widely know for it’s beautiful sandy beaches and turquoise waters. These we usually know from photos the Caribbean or the like in travel agent’s shops or so. So seeing those beautiful beaches and that water that doesn’t even lose it’s magical colour during rain and ‚moody‘ weather, is kind of surreal experience because they just don’t fit into this landscape that is made up of rocks, leeches and water. The contrast is just fascinating at every turn. I ‚remember‘ this day more vividly than the others. I remember driving over the isle and saying that I couldn’t imagine living here. Interestingly that has changed into ‚I’d like to come and stay for quite a while‘ I don’t know what it is. The unique-ness, that contrast in landscape, that raw nature. I don’t know. But I would advise everyone planning a trip to Scotland not to miss out on the Outer Hebrides. To me that’s an experience of a lifetime.

This ‚Little Bit of Harris‘ was taken from the roadside. I think somewhere around Seilebost, but not totally sure anymore. When processing this rain and wind beaten shot I came across two looks for it that I find irresistable. So I am treating you to both 😉
I have realized that pcitures of Scottish Landscape are very often de-saturated. I don’t know if it’s a hype or simply the impulse that this is what suits this atmosphere best…

I know, by the way, that I chose the wrong focus. But if I don’t show this picture, I don’t have much to show from wonderful Harris… :-/

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  1. Paleica sagt:

    das mit dem fokus wäre mir jetzt nicht wirklich aufgefallen, wenn du es nicht gesagt hättest, einfach weil das bild in seiner gesamtheit trotzdem wirkt. die entsättigung oder das gefühl, dass das passt, hatte ich auch in irland ganz stark. #moodygrams halt 🙂

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    1. Laoghaire sagt:

      Ja, das fängt die Stimmung einfach ideal ein. Diese Landschaften sind ja sehr von einem Wetter geprägt, das jetzt nicht an Sommer, bunte Blumen und Sonnenschirme denken lässt…


  2. Pia und das Monsterherz sagt:


    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. Laoghaire sagt:



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