Early Morning on Folkestone Beach

I am not much of an early bird. Given total freedom, I usually go to bed late and get up not too early. But on our last day in the UK, I had to get up early to get an photo of the beach at dawn. It’s been a beautiful summer’s day. After coming down from Scotland it was way too warm for us. Almost tropical! 😉 Well, right now they’re experiencing quite a heat wave up there, so I am not complaining. It was worth getting up for in an case. So if you ever stay in Folkestone, don’t miss out on the beach. Even though it’s made of pebbles rather than sand. It’s really nice down there. And if you’re traveling in summer, take your time climbing down there from the promenade. You will find raspberries and blackberries on your way, inviting you to snack some 😉


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