Welcome Winter!

I have never been waiting for a nice cold winter like I have this year. After an unbearably hot summer that one would expect to experience somewhere in Spain or Greece, I am aching for cold, crisp air and lots of snow. Especially snow since our ground water bodies are way to dry. There has…

Windflower | Herbstanemone

Windflower aka Thimbleweed aka Chinese or even Japanese Anemone is one of my favourite garden flowers. There are many color variations of anemones but this one is my favourite. In full bloom she sports glowing orange and pale violet. But also after her blooking phase, whe she literally goes to seed, she still gives a…


This weekend was a huge gift. Sunshine and cold, frozen landscape and just the most beautiful motifs wherever you looked. Here is one.

Rainbow Daisy

I’m totally in love with the Bokeh… Sony A7R II – ISO 200 – 233 mm – f/6,3 – 1/25 sec LR + PS

Green Symphony

Sinfonie, die: 2. (gehoben) Ganzes, reiche Gesamtheit, gewaltige Fülle, worin verschiedenartige Einzelheiten eindrucksvoll zusammen wirken (Duden) Hallo Freunde der Alltags-Schönheit, wann seid Ihr das letzte Mal mit so richtig offenen Augen durch den Wald gegangen? Ich selbst bin immer wieder fasziniert davon, wie groß der Unterschied ist zwischen einem ganz normalen Spaziergang und einer ‚Foto-Tour‘….