Rainbow Daisy

I’m totally in love with the Bokeh… Sony A7R II – ISO 200 – 233 mm – f/6,3 – 1/25 sec LR + PS


I have become a beginner again and I have to say, focussing is hard 😉 Sony A7R II – ISO 50 – f/6,3 – 240 mm – 1/25 sec LR – PS – NIK

Through the Looking Glass

My friend has a glass sphere and she brought it with her. So I took the opportunity to try it out. The glass sphere is something of a toy for photographers, but the results are surprising…

Calling Daisy!

They were not the first this season. We did have wintry times, however in between those periods it was very warm and wet so some flowers and buds have been there all along. I just wasn’t in the spring-mood, still in winter-mood, so I overlooked them. But now, here they are 😉 Diese Gänseblümchen waren…