In between…

I’ll just drop in quickly to wish you all a wonderful, sunny weekend! To me, it really is a weekend because after it I’ll have an actual week. Thank heavens! 😉

Through the Looking Glass

My friend has a glass sphere and she brought it with her. So I took the opportunity to try it out. The glass sphere is something of a toy for photographers, but the results are surprising…

Dragonfly NOT in Amber

Well, it was imprisoned in amber, if amber is anything like my picture vault, where many pictures are awaiting their release. But this one’s time has come. It’s rather rare that I do b/w fotos, but I read that photographers trying to develop their skills should take a certain amount of time and use it…

Another Level

When working on a macro level, I start being very attentive to possible motifs. They are just everywhere!


Yes, I still have some macros to share 😉 This is a lesson out of ‚Ways to Enjoy House Work‘ (originally I was washing the dishes). Just keep looking for motifs and keep your camera at the ready 😀

Purple Freesia

One of the first spring flowers I bought at the market. Love them! Eine der ersten Blumen, die ich diesen Frühling auf dem Markt gekauft habe. Ist sie nicht schön?

MakroMontag – Bye bye Winter!

It’s been a wonderful winter, at least between Christmas and the end of February! But that’s quite a lot, come to think of it! So this is my little Tribute to the Winter Season 2014 / 1025 Es war ein wirklich schöner Winter, zumindest zwischen Weihnachten und Mitte/Ende Februar! Aber das ist ja auch wirklich…


Sorry, couldn’t resist 😉 Entschuldigung, ich konnte nicht widerstehen 😉

For the colour-starved

Such as me! I really love winter. I do, no questions asked. But I really do love all the seasons. I am so happy to live some place with four seasons. So naturally I love spring too. And this winter was so wonderful, that I am now happy to welcome spring. Now that colour starts…

Farewell Experiments – MakroMonday

Sometimes you just get lucky. For the first time in my life- camera in hand – I actually saw these icy crystals. Not only through the lense but with my own eyes. Some of them were ‚huge‘! But since color is coming back and I had so many of them, I thought I’d play a…